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Exceptional Gate Repairs

Factory-Trained Technicians to Repair and Maintain Your Gates

When it comes to gate repair and maintenance services, we’re your best choice. At Centra Systems Hawaii, we have factory-trained technicians who can handle all your gate repair and maintenance needs. We're an office-based shop.

We understand it’s a hassle when your gate stops working properly which causes security concerns. With our professional technicians on the road, there is a good chance we may have someone in your area.

Every effort will be made to get your repair done as quickly as possible. Let us help keep your gate in a good condition as possible. We provide emergency gate repair services

Keep Your Gates in Good Working Condition

Keeping your gate and gate operator in good working condition is possible. That is why we offer preventative maintenance plans to:
  • Catch small problems before they become expensive repairs
  • Maintain safe and reliable operation
  • Give you confidence knowing that when you have a problem we'll be there
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We Offer Preventative Maintenance Plans

Centra Systems Hawaii proposes to maintain the entry system at the above-named project for the period of one year for the agreed sum of $____ (plus tax) for each service performed (monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly), payable at the time of billing. 

This maintenance agreement would be in effect from January 1 through December 31. This agreement is to be renewed on a yearly basis at which time the scope of work and fee are subject to change.

1. Field test system to assure proper function and make any necessary adjustments. Clean electronic components, lubricate all moving parts, maintain fluid levels, test all safety devices, and clean glass and stainless steel surfaces of entry system.
2. On call trouble services from Monday through Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, to be expedited at the earliest possible convenience. (Note: It is understood that time is of the essence)
3. After-hours and weekend services calls to be billed separately
4. All parts to be billed separately
5. Repairs of system due to wear and tear or vandalism to be billed at a time and materials on hourly rates
6. Reprogramming of the telephone entry system included upon request of the Management Company or Owner
7. All service calls to be made at the request of the management company (only where applicable) or responsible resident

Monthly services include:
  • January – December
Bimonthly services include:
  • February, April, June, August, October, and December
Quarterly services include:
  • March, June, September, and December
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Our staff members regularly update their knowledge and skills by attending training in California. Turn to us for your gate repair and maintenance needs.
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