It's Hurricane Season - Tips to Protect Your Gate from Inclement Weather

Despite how strong your gate is, there are preventative tips you need to follow to protect it from inclement weather such as lightning, rain, and snowstorms.

One of the basic requirements of a good house or apartment is an excellent security system, and a solid gate installation makes up a more significant part of that desired feature. No matter the structure being put up, a durable gate with functional gate operators is a top priority towards ensuring the security of the perimeter.

At Centra systems, Hawaii, we have a leading track record among gate installation companies. Our team comprises designers, fabricators, access control specialists, and gate installation contractors. Yet, despite how strong your gate is, there are preventative tips you need to follow to protect it from inclement weather such as lightning, rain, and snowstorms. Some of these tips include:


Keep the Gate Secured Open

This may seem like a strange idea, and many will be uncomfortable securing their gates open. However, many gate operators are equipped with obstruction sensing, which prevents them from operating during hurricane-force winds. And there are many obstructions such as water, fog, snow, or frost, and also, the operator could decide to freeze. So, for emergency entry or exit, the gates are better left secured open


Shut Off the Power at the Gate Operator

In the event of a storm, shut out the battery back-up, or DC power switch or breaker, or any power source at the gate operator. If there is no switch, disconnect battery cables and leave the operator emergency release pins secured to the gate. You can also choose to install surge protection equipment to protect the operator in case of power surges during the storm.


Cover Access Controls

Ensure you cover all access controls such as keypads, phone systems, or readers with plastic and duct tape to protect them from the driving rain. This is a wise precaution irrespective of whether your equipment is outdoor-rated or you have an automatic custom gate. Also, unplug the access control transformers if they are easily accessible.


Repair Loose Posts or Sections of the Gates

Check your gate's condition and fix all loose sections before the weather changes. Maintain the integrity of the gate as the storm can magnify any damages previously present. Also, remove overhanging limbs near the gates and secure potential projectiles so that they do not damage the gate or obstruct the entrance

If class, quality, durability, and aesthetics are your preference in gate selection and installation, then Centra systems, Hawaii, is the best place for you. Here, we install all types of wooden, steel, and aluminum gates.

We also offer post-installation gate maintenance packages. And our experienced and efficient team can help you choose the best solutions to meet your exact need, even if it means fabricating high-quality custom gates explicitly tailored to your property. We also deliver total access control to give you a comprehensive gate automation solution.

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