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Swing Gate

Swing gates are the most common type of gate used for both single-family properties and residential communities throughout Hawaii. There are two types of swing gates: a single swing gate or a bi-parting dual swing gate. These gates can be installed with an operator arm or pad-mounted operating system, depending on style, weight, and installation location.

Cantilever Gate

Cantilever gates, unlike swing gates, slide open and closed. These gates are supported by rollers that are hidden behind the fencing rather than sliding along a track and they remain suspended during movement. Cantilever gates typically have long lives because of their heavy-duty construction and installation style. These installations are similar to slide gates but are utilized where slide gate infrastructure isn’t feasible.

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Barrier Arm Gate

A barrier arm gate is what you would typically find at airports, office buildings, or parking structures. These gates utilize a single bar to stop traffic that rises in order to allow entry or exit. Barrier arm gates are used more for commercial purposes throughout Hawaii.

Slide Gate

Similar in style to cantilever gates, a slide gate instead has wheels on the bottom and rolls to one side on a ground track. Automated slide gates are ideal for Hawaii residences with shorter driveways because they do not require the extra space for the swing path of a swinging gate. Slide gates are common for both residential and high-security commercial applications and can span both short and wide driveways.


Vertical Lift Gate

When there is not enough space for a swing gate or a slide gate, a vertical lift gate can get the job done. Vertical lift gates are adaptable to limited space because they move vertically rather than horizontally. These gates can be used both commercially and residentially, and operate similarly to a garage door.

Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical pivot gates are automated gates that operate on a single pivot point located on one side of the opening. These gates open and close the same way a barrier arm gate would, except with a full gate instead of a single arm. These gates work well both commercially and residentially.


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Gate Installation

Our team at Centra Systems Hawaii specializes in gate installations for commercial and residential properties throughout Hawaii. No matter what kind of gate you need, we can get it installed. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an estimate.


Gate Repair

When your gate breaks down, it can be a huge inconvenience for you and anyone visiting your property. Our team at Centra Systems knows gates better than anyone, and are Maui's trusted source for gate repairs. Contact us today.


Gate Maintenance

Maintaining your security gate is just as important as maintaining your plumbing or air conditioning system in your home. For the most reliable and trustworthy gate maintenance services, call Centra Systems Hawaii today.